We are a changing society. Not only people but products as well. We are working hard to keep up the change of era. Be creative is a new thing and challenging. Our mission is to make progress without failure.


Our company is an agency that undertake the business of import and export domestic and international products of all business.
In addition we have packing and storage business also.
We also offer packing materials, for example anti rust products, VCI(volatile corrosion Inhibitor).
In addition, additives MOLD WIZ is to be used to mold the plastic products and rubber Products.
Polybutene is used for wide application in the formulation of various types of adhesives such as Pressure Sensitive Adhesive(PSA) and Hot Melt Adhesive(HMA).
Base polymer: rubber, insulation tapes ….etc.


1. Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor(VCI) RUSTEC

Used for preventing rust on iron or products. Parts taken out the bag can be used immediately. The bag is made in polyethylene.
We can process according to the customers demand.
There is also a our product Rustec Air which bonded Rastec and air cap.

2. Mold Release Agent(MOLD WIZ)

It is an additive which to be use for plastic , rubber and other products. Internal: Mix the raw material.
External: Spray or hand-painted.

3. Polybutene

This is a pressure-sensitive adhesive for the production of adhesives and tape or rubber products.

4. Polyethlene film and bags, barrir film, air cap…etc.